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    Map Circle Sea (an old map of mine)

    This is a map I drew twelve years ago. I carried it around in my bag throughout my ninth-grade year, which is why it looks a little worn. I always intended to set a campaign here, but now I'm thinking it is a little bit too generic fantasy to be interesting to me thematically. It was made with a sketch of a political and cultural history, as well as a few fantastic elements I thought would be cool (the giant circular sea, the temperate city in the middle of arctic ice, the underwater ruins.)

    My style has evolved a bit since then and I think a lot more now about a plausible geological history for the terrain, but I'm still doing things basically in the same way - imagine what the area looks and feels like, sketch out major features, concrete it just enough that I know pretty well what's where.

    I like the hand-drawn look because I can imagine the map actually existing in the context of the setting, which isn't to say I wouldn't be open to learning how to polish this up with GIMP or what have you.
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    That's a good map, there.
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    Doesn't look abandoned to me! Love it (0:

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2area View Post
    Doesn't look abandoned to me! Love it (0:
    Thanks so much. Your Torent map is an inspiration to me.

    It's only abandoned because I've got a different project I'm working on right now. I should post it but I don't have a scanner and these things look really crappy if you just try to point a camera at them...

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    very nice map indeed... yes, one of the advantages of computer mapping is that you don't have to have a working scanner to show it to others
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    For a handdrawn map it certainly is impressive! I just found an old map I drew about 10 years ago and I'm *almost* appalled at what I was thinking back then ^.^ Looks like you were thinking just fine back then; just because your process - both for map ideas and creation - has evolved doesn't mean this "abandoned" map has to languish forever! Cleaning it up with GIMP or Photoshop might be a great way to see it in a new way - maybe even getting a good alpha map (Jezelf has a nice tutorial on that) to see the shapes of the landmasses would revive the map and get you thinking about new/better/different ways of setting it up. Good luck, wherever this goes!

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    Whoa, nice. I remember trying to draw maps in ninth grade and mine were nowhere near as nice as this one.

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