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    Wip Map Using Power Point

    Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, was the home of the French Foreign Legion for almost 100 years until they packed their bags and left for France in 1962. I made a quick trace of an old map of the old city using Power Point. I'm trying to create a map that includes the walled city you see on the picture as well as outlying areas that will be of interest to RPG/Wargame players. These points of interest will include the Train Station, training areas & ranges, the Village Nègre (the Arab Quarter with all the neat shops and places that Legionnaires are "prohibited" from patronizing) and various other commercial establishments. I put the old map in as a slide master to make the tracing easier and then turned it off to create this picture. I've used Google Maps to see what the city looks like today in order to somewhat fill up the city blocks with buildings. When done I plan to save this as a .png image which is a neat feature of Power Point. I'll paste that onto the larger map I'm creating that will show the outlying areas. I'll change the size of the PowerPoint slide to the size of the map I want to use. Possibly 32X24 off a plotter. I hope to figure out how to add some terrain textures on the final product. Why PowerPoint? --cause I suck at Photoshop. Has anyone else used PP (for anything mapmaking wise?)
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