For starters, hello other members of the CG forums!

I'm relatively new to the cartography artist scene. I've always held a passion for beautiful maps, something about them inspires the imagination on a grand scale. As a small child I used to flip through the atlas in my parents mini-van during long family trips, picturing the places the maps only hinted at. Then my friends introduced me to RPGs and Tactical Miniatures games in junior high school and I've dabbled in map-making ever since. I even used to make maps for our gaming sessions using Windows Paint!

Now I am older and my tastes have naturally matured from those blocky scrawls I first produced. I've just started to scratch the surface of this rewarding past-time (though for some I know it is more a profession, how I envy you) and barely gotten my feet wet using as my first truly capable graphics software. I'm looking at learning Gimp next for the added capability, and have already started producing what are, in my opinion, some decent battlemaps using for my friends' weekly gaming sessions.

I'm looking forward to learning more about cartography from the CG membership and I've already drawn a great deal of inspiration from the work of many of the artists here. I hope to be able to contribute my own work very soon!