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    Hello folks. A while back I made a simple encounter map for a MapTool game using some of the tiles and objects that torstan has graciously made available. However, I also used some stronghold walls and battlements and would like to credit the person who made them, but I cannot recall who drew the walls and made them available. I'm pretty sure I found the battlements the same time I found torstan's basic dungeon tiles.

    Does anyone recognize the artist of the walls and battlements from the map below?

    I know it's an odd request. I appreciate the help.

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    It's not that odd of a request and I'm sure we will all do what we can to help you out with this.

    I haven't been here for long enough to learn everyone's style but there are 3 people I would check first based on what I have seen: Devin Night, Steel General and Xyll. The texture of the walls looks like what I remember seeing from them and I know Devin Night has done some packs for maptool so I would start with him.

    Hope that helps but if not I'm sure someone else will be along here shortly.
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    Definitely not one of mine - though I wish I could claim it
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