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Thread: Map a trap

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    Post Map a trap

    I have not found something similar, so I think it is a funny idea to "map a trap". Perhaps the older guys still know or own the "Grimtooth's Traps" books.
    This can be a simple mechanism, like the standard wire, that will release a bunch of arrows out of the wall or a complicated method like taking the gold coin from the table releases a weight that slides down a tube,hitting a lever that releases a ball know, such a crazy machine thing.
    The location can be everywhere: in the woods, a dungeon corridor, a room etc.
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    I really ike this idea! That would be a lot of fun.

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    I like! Already devious plans are forming in my head

    Oh, and I fully expect whoever puts up the challenge to include an Admiral Ackbar spoof with it as well.
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    Grimtooth's rocks! I had some of those books and always wanted the rest. Would love to see what people come up with.

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    great idea.. I'm working on some traps for my current challenge - but they are simple in comparison to what could be thought out... MUHAHHAHAHHAA... and yes, I still have a couple of Grimtooth books in the book case somewhere - loved those books.

    Remember an simple "one skull" trap ... you make a long mud pit that the players have to wade through... there is a pressure plate that activates when all players are in the mud ... then a small door opens in the wall - by the player bringing up the rear - releasing a small duck. So the last player says "DUCK"
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    I suggest ya'll play the game "Evil Genious" and give Dr. Evil and Blofeld a run for their money
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    Yeah, gotta get some more of that.
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    I'd love to see what the dark twisted minds of T.C.G. could come up with. Let's see it done!

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