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    Default Map of my gameworld

    This will probably be the toughest thing for me to post because it is a map of my game world I created about 15 years ago to roleplay with friends. I think Ascension said it best in another thread and I paraphrase him loosely, "I will probably never post a map of my world because I could never do it justice when compared with what's in my mind." Also, If I ever get around to writing a book (something I plan to do one day) this would be the place it would start. So while I would love to share just about any other map I could make, for some reason I'm a tad hesitant on this one.

    Then I reminded myself that if I want to get into doing digital art, maps and so on I have to get as much experience as possible and I need all the critiques and help I can get. I barely know how to use Gimp well, I learn something new every time I make a new image and I'm sure I do half the stuff the long way so eventually I am sure I will be doing better work than this. So, saying screw the comfort zone, I'm going to post it in reduced resolution that seems to look just fine on my screen.

    I will attempt to give snapshots of my WIP on this up to the most current image which has no labels because I removed them from the original scan. These are not the full resolution but have been reduced to 100ppi and saved as .jpg @ 85% quality.

    ** sorry for the long post but I had to get that off my chest **

    1. Scanned in & spliced together - I had drawn this decades ago and the first thing I noticed? Holy crap I didn't know anything about river violations! I must have fixed them and saved over my original.
    2. Added ocean layers and some texture.
    3. Painted the locations in color - In retrospect I should have just redone them separately and cut/pasted them in but oh well.
    4. skipped a bunch of steps but now it's got some colors, legend, compass, and my favorite a little critter I scanned in from my sketchbook Oh, and I changed that spiked tower location down south, it just didn't fit well.
    5. I experimented with an idea for the mountains and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out I think I'll stick with them. This brings you up to date on the project and next time I will do a proper WIP thread if I can.
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