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Thread: Who are you gals/guys anyway?

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    Post Who are you gals/guys anyway?

    One picks up a tiny bit here and another there - but it would be nice to know a bit more about all the people I chat with inhere, something about who you are, and what you do that 1 hour a day when you aren't mapping
    and I know there is the members introduction thread but a lot only say "hello" and there are a LOT of threads in there - some rather old too

    So this is a thread for those who like to get to know others a bit better and all that jazz ... I know I sure wanna, so I'll go first

    tilt (jesper)
    born in 1969, male and married and have 2 children (girls) 5 and 2˝ years old.
    Born in Copenhagen, Denmark - moved to Trelleborg, Sweden 7 years ago but still work in Copenhagen
    I'm an entreprenour at heart and always have at least 2-3 projects going - at the moment software for meetings and software for the tranport industry and a forum for the latter. I also work with graphics and dtp ( / ) I used to run/make magazines and hope to do again soon
    I make some art ( ) when I have the time - used to be acryllic on canvas but now its digital.
    I've played RPG's since '80 and wargames before that - love gaming (but most offline)
    At the moment I play D&D 4e, but I've played 20-30 different types of rpg's during my time - loved most
    Am also on linkedin and facebook

    hope to see more share a bit of their life in here
    regs tilt
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    Roland, from Romania, born 1985, not married (yet), but soon, ID number:..just kidding
    I moved to Barcelona, Spain 3 years ago because Romania only offered a futurless life. I am a physicist, I do biophysical studies mainly, genetics at a low level.
    I joined CG because I have a thing for maps.
    I have been playing computer games for as long as I can remember. My all timp favorite is Heroes 3. I also loved Diablo, and then Neverwinter Nights(best Rpg I have ever played). Played a lot of Wacraft 3, a lot of DotA, then I tried Battle for Wesnoth online, had some experience with the ultimate time-waster called Tribalwars...the list is long, I will let others post too
    If you want to know more I can attach you my CV. HAHa , that was good)

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    Angie, born '78, female and married (no kids though) I design and code web content, plus some programming in flash and java. I'm an avid gamer (PM me for my XBox gamertag) and I also write. When not mapping, gaming, or working, I've also been working on an open-source cross-platform app for novel writing. Hmm, clearly I don't have enough hobbies I'm also on facebook, but no way I'll be able to dig up a link while posting from my iphone

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    Daniel, born 1967, married (twice), three children, 20, 10, & 5. Work for a Telco in Canada.
    Daniel the Neon Knight: Campaign Cartographer User

    Never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice!

    Any questions on CC3? Post them with CC3 in the Subject Line!
    MY 'FAMOUS' CC3 MAPS: Thunderspire; Pyramid of Shadows; King of the Trollhaunt Warrens; Demon Queen's Enclave

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    Daniel "D", Aussie, only twenty and in Uni, currently trying to send a cow to the moon.

    People come and people go. I walk amongst them, I see their faces; but none see mine. I pass them in the streets but nary a glance is spared my way, for what interest would they have in a Wanderer? Not of this world... Forever Alone... Forever Wandering... LoneWandererD...

    My DeviantART

    Finished Maps

    RIP Angel "Ingy" Yates - The first inspiration that guided me towards art. You will be missed...

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    Rob A. (duh). 1968. Married with twin (B/G) teenagers. By day, a mild mannered power utility control systems engineering manager. By night, asleep... or boardgaming... or playing with gimp... or futzing with linux... or playing with python, scheming with scheme or seeing what can be done with C... or trying to keep this place a-flounder.

    -Rob A>

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    James (Devin)
    Born in Iowa in 1969. Started drawing 1 week later. Currently in Ohio.
    I am married and have three girls, 20, 7, 4. The first being when I was younger and not married the other two with my current and hopefully only wife.
    I am a freelance designer/illustrator/production guy with a background in the production side of publishing and printing. I have been an adjunct teacher at CCAD for ten years, currently teaching a Continuing Ed Illustrator class.
    I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home and get to spend my days with my girls. It doesn't always leave very much time for working or hobbies, though as they get older it's gotten easier.
    I love all kinds of gaming and prefer face to face gaming but that is sometimes hard to achieve in an adult world, so embracing online gaming and Virtual Gaming Tables was an easy step.
    Currently in a 4E game but will be returning to the DM chair soon.

    Though not recently updated:
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    Ravi, b.1965. (the oldest person to have posted so far - sigh). Married with one girl of 2. Lawyer by trade (which pays for my mapping habit). Like Devin I work mainly from home (have been for the last year or so) - and it's heaven! I don't miss the commute at all!!

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    Ed b.1978 born and live in Ohio, History Degree, Industrial Salesman ( Good use of College). Married two kids 3 year old Boy and 6 month girl. Started playing when I was 8, my brother told me I could not play with him until I could read and understand the rules. (He soon regreted that statement) Played countless games. Trying to map and GM when I have time which is not very often at the moment. Currently playing a pathfinder merc campaign squad level over Maptools. Playing a heroes unlimited campaign in person also when we can.

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    Calvin, b. 1994 (youngest so far ) born and live in Hamilton Ontario. Currently aspiring to become a graphic designer, and going into grade 11
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