I am looking for a world map with a few specifics, and lots of room for imagination. By that I mean I have about 5 Town names and general locals, and the rest of the world is up to your imagination to build as you like. The specifics are as follows:

A medium sized kingdom, narrow and tall (roughly 600 miles N-S, by 200 miles E-W) bordered to the east by the sea, the west by the Rang'Terak mountain range (Preferably a "spine" for a continent) the south by desertland and the north by forests and grasslands. The southern portion of the kingdom is mostly swampland (Peters Marsh) that drains into a large landlocked lake (The Sea of Mek) and is fed by the Sarna River (a large rivver that winds from the mountains in the north-west through the center of the plains and into the swamp). The northeastern portion of the kindom is mostly plains and foothills that run down to the sea. The majority of the western portion of the kingdom is heavily forested. The kingdoms name is Lighthaven.

Major Cities:
Lighthaven - Capitol of the Kingdom. Location - Northern Plains about midway between Peters Marsh and the headwaters of the Sarna River. Pop. - 200K+
Rotslum - Ducal Garrison, major seaport, location of the Mages University. Location - Seashore east of Lighthaven. Pop. - 900K+
Sethan - Small Trading Post and garrison for the kings lancers. Location - Where the Sarna deltas into Peters Marsh. Pop - 5K+
Mekol - Ducal Garrison, large citadel, major trade city. Location - Southern end of the Sea of Mek, southern border of kingdom. Pop. - 500K+
Sarwin - Small town, Earldom, large magical citadel. Location - NW of Rotslum abt 90 miles, N of Lighthaven abt 60 miles, S of northern border abt 15 miles. Pop. - 350

Sethan is on the eastern terminus of the forest and the nearby forest and land features bear its name (e.g Forest of Sethan, Sethan Canyon, Sethan Mines, etc.).

Major world features:
The world is similar to earth, but roughly 3x the size. There are 4 major continents and 2 sub-continents. 1 sub-continent covers the northern polar axis of the planet is is continually ice covered. the other you can place at your discretion. Continent names: Major - Nakra, Garith (Lighthaven is on this continent), Lok'Tol 'A, Thrak Harik. Minor - Icy Wastes, Bortok. Nakra and Garith are joined by a narrow neck of land with Garith to the north and Nakra to the south. Lighthaven sits on the northeastern end of this landform.

Other than the above the world is yours to play with and build as you see fit. Please feel free to add cities, major landforms, oddities, even underwater stuff if you want. This map is for an ongoing (4 years+ now) D&D campaign, and as none of the players, nor myself, have any skill at mapbuilding that doesn't require graph paper any help would be much appreciated.

As a side note, I do have a plotter that can print 24x36 inch pages so feel free to make it BIG.