Hi. I'm working on a D&D campaign, and it would be really cool to have a map of the region where the game will be set. Since I have the artistic ability of a one-armed fruit bat, I have come to beg the favour of you fine folk in the guild.

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This is a rough outline of the region. The bit circled in red is the approximate area of the nation the game is set in and the most important part; everything outside it could easily be dropped. The black line is 200 kilometres. As you can see, it's lacking, well, most details. The central river with the seven cities around it is the backbone of the empire, so that's sketched in, but the rest is mostly empty and open to interpretation. Of the remaining, smaller cities only the placement of the one on the southern tributary is significant.

Regarding style: Beggars can't be choosers, and I like lots of different styles anyway. It's a fantasy game, though, so preferably not modern atlas style. Would be great if it could be a map that could potentially exist in the setting.

As for quality and scale: as long as I can print it out on an A4 paper and have it look good, I'm happy.

The artist will retain all rights. I just want to print it out and use it in my game.

Thanks for your attention.