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    And they constitute the MICRONATION of SEALAND.
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    NK beat me to it...
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    Almost looks like At-Ats.
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    Those are so cool - I wonder what they were used for... gun platforms?

    Edit: Ahh, I see:

    Maunsell sea forts, built in the Thames estuary and operated by the Royal Navy, were to deter and report German air raids following the Thames as a landmark, and attempts to lay mines by aircraft in this important shipping channel.
    Maunsell also designed forts for anti-aircraft defence. These were larger installations comprising seven interconnected steel platforms, five carried guns arranged in a semicircle around the control centre and accommodation while the seventh, set further out than the gun towers, was the searchlight tower.
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    Oh man... If I ever wanted a home for a madman or vampire near the Thames, I just got it...
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    Those would be awesome for a waterworld type RPG

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    The Micronation of Sealand is only the tower at Roughs off Harwich, which, lying outside of British Territorial Waters can be technically declared as independant - and has.
    Shivering Sands, as reported on the Wiki, lies further south at the Thames entrance. At various times it has been occupied by "pirate radio" stations and at one point, it's said, there was even a gun fight over possession there. As far as I know this all ended decades ago when the UK formally asserted that Shivering Sands and Red Sands etc were inside territorial waters and put a stop to all the malarky.
    I've sailed past the Sands and it's an awesome sight even at a distance. There's something surreal about its shape and isolation in what looks like deep sea.
    It's one of the things I really like about the UK. Just about everywhere you go there's some sort of historical wartime "something". Not an impressive "something" always but...
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