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    Wip Leather-worker's shop WIP

    I am beginning to feel like I'm flooding these forums with half-finished buildings. But that's what this forum is for... right? Anyhow, I keep getting awesome feedback, so here is another! This one is a much earlier stage than the other's I've put up, and that is mostly because I am a little more lost with this one, and because it will depend on the creation of a lot more tiny items (time consuming) rather than a few big ones.

    Like the title says, this is a leather worker's shop. The left area will be the "shop" portion, where I'll have boots, backpacks, sheaths, and whatever other leather items I can think of on sale. The right area is a little workshop where the owner whips up items both to stock his shop and on demand. I haven't added windows yet, but I will.

    Once again, I am mapping something I know nothing about, and I am hoping other wise member (here's looking at you, Midgardsormr, Jaxlion, Tilt, and Xyll--you guys have been super helpful with the rest of these) might have an idea of what kinds of things I should throw around, or structural elements I missed.
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    I think it's a good start, but wouldn't they want at least a couple of windows for lighting as well as possibly displaying their wares?
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    Yeah, if this the shop where the finished goods are made and sold you'll want lots of display things - counters (which you have) but also dummies for displaying armor, chairs and chests for draping things on, etc. If this is the tanner, however, then you'll want some drying racks outside as well as big ole vats and some firepits.
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    So did this progress any further?

    I read that shoemakers (a specialized leather worker) would straddle a long work bench with the piece that they were working on in front of them ... but leatherworking tends to be simple repetitive tasks that a craftsmen can do without thinking about it. So a shoemaker had lots of time to sit and talk about anything interesting while he worked. As a result, men often gathered in a shoemaker's shop just to talk about ideas.
    ... I suggest that the shop include a workbench for the leatherworker, a chair for a guest and a stove or fireplace to make things comfortable

    Since prior to the modern age glass is expensive, I suggest that the entire front wall of the shop opens up like a pair of doors so the leatherworker can drag his workbench right to the edge of the street and be part of the street life while he works. That will also provide the needed sunlight and show your goods to the world.
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    Not sure if you are still working on this map any more, but about a year ago I made a leatherworker's table with lots of stuff on it. If I can find it, I'll post it here.

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    I also have each table individually without the bearskin rug if you want them. If you want specific items from the table, let me know and I'll see if I can find them.

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    Hey guys! I see you've performed a little necromancy on this here thread. I actually abandoned this project long ago, and my art style has come a ways since then, so I doubt I'll be coming back to this. Bogie--you should definitely post those bits and pieces into the "mapping elements" section of the forum though! They are great!

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    I'm sad @RecklessEnthusiasm, I'd love to see you update this with the suggestions. Is there a better example you've already put together?

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