Hi everybody,
I've been working for a while now on some products for Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It's a small step but I have finally made my website live (link) and wanted to share if anyone's interested in checking it out. I have a few products in development but the two I have announced so far are:

1) Curse of the Emperor's Stone is an adventure about an artifact: The Emperor’s Stone. While this long-lost treasure of the First Emperor offers its bearer, over time, great power, it often brings more woe than weal. When one of the adventure’s heroes, through an unfortunate series of events, winds up becoming the artifact’s “Chosen One” he and his associates quickly find themselves on a run-away rickshaw ride that just won’t end…at least until they find a way to rid themselves of the Emperor’s Stone once and for all.

2) Haibianr - The City of Ten-Thousand Alleyways is a city setting book covering the cosmopolitan city of Haibianr - an independent city-state, located on the northeastern coast of Dazhou, that is the “Gateway to the West” for Shijie’s eastern civilizations. It details all facets of life in Haibianr, information on the city by district as well as surrounding areas of interest, people and organizations, the city’s long history, as well as secrets for the Game Master’s eyes only. The book also includes a collection of generic and named NPCs that can be found within the city, random encounters by district, a Haibianr-specific bestiary, and a pronunciation guide.

There's not an ETA on these but I'm hoping CotES will be ready in the Fall, at least. Until then, please come by the site for a quick look - and then check back for news and previews as they become available. If you'd like to register I'll put you on our mailing list, but will bug you for only important stuff...promise!

Edit: @Mods - if this seems too much like spam please feel free to move/delete it.