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Thread: Need suggestion on building a tiled wall effect.

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    Default Need suggestion on building a tiled wall effect.

    I have been working on a tiled wall effect for a few days, and I just can't seem to get it right. Here is an example of the sort of effect done correctly. I have4 tired creating patterns and hand drawing the tiles. I have tried them as individual selections and stroking them, so the line depth is uniform. Nothing comes even close to an effect such as this. . I'm not necessarily looking to copy this effect wall effect. But it is nice, and I would like to be able to add this kinda flagstone look to my repertoire. Any suggestions on how to create something similar would be greatly appreciated
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    That's hand-drawn and hand-colored with a tablet and there's only one way to do that. You may be able to draw it in pencil, ink it, then scan it to get similar results but the easiest way is to just get a tablet and practice with it.
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    I'm trying to get it's beautiful. No success yet. I'm afraid Ascension's right. If you look at the way the stones join, it's got to be hand drawn. We can but try!

    :: Edit:: This is the best I've managed to get so far using drawplus vector brushes.
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    Well, you could try to make a pattern, place it on the rooms and then on a mask delete the stones at the edges. It will still not be the same along the edges of the rooms, though.

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    Although not quite the same, Torstans tile set can be used in a similar way. This is my map done like that:

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    Best I could do by way of automation was this in photoshop using a voronoi fill pattern. As Sapiento says, it doesn't give you the same effect of the stone being dressed for the walls of the room though. On the plus side it only takes about 5 mins to do, so if you have a big dungeon it's a real time-saver. Happy to put up a tutorial if anyone is interested.
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    yes that is a beautiful look and you can only get that far by doing it by hand. However I think Ravs have gotten rather far with his experimenting
    Ravs, have you handcut the outer borders?
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