How long do you hold an unpaid commission map where the patron seems to have fallen off the grid?

I took on the commission and things seemed to be working out very well but then suddenly's been over a month now since I've been able to get a response. I am left wondering if I tanked the job or something, which really sucks.

The last I heard from him there was a illness in the family so it's possible that turned out really bad (I certainly hope not). It sounded like a cold or something but you never know. With the internet anything is possible.

This was for a VTT map and at some point I would like to release a pack for it on the maptools forum, etc. I have held off because I figured it would be nicer for the guy ordering the map if he was able to show it with as few as possible having seen it since he was going to be using it at a public event. Based on what I've learned I might need to simplify the map for file size constraints but as I am left without a tester I am not sure.

Bottom line, how long is long enough to wait for a response on an unpaid commission before releasing it into the wild?


Left scratching my head