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Thread: Need help improving map for this game!

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    Help Need help improving map for this game!

    Hello there,

    I've been working on a projects since few years, at a slow pace. It's a strategy-diplomacy game which allows many players to play around the table (30, 50 people, perhaps more). I hesitated between two different kinds of map. One is a Eurasian map divided in rough geo-historical regions, the second are anonymous regions made up of hexagonal tiles. I am not satisfied with the 2nd and would like to return to the former once more.
    I have already made a map a while ago (using GIMP) and well i think it's ok but could be better indeed. Since many of you are experts in making maps i ought to ask you for advice or help. Or perhaps if one of you is enthusiast enough, someone would be ready to help making this map.
    So here below is the current map and i'd like to improve it, make it look really good. So please feel free to respond or comment, thanks!

    PS: the map is huge so i provide a link only:
    see map here!

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