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Thread: The world of Teodd

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    Default The world of Teodd

    Hi all,

    This is commissioned map.

    Somme river forks, I know... I have to follow the hand sketch.

    But my purpose is to work on forests texture and colours.

    Enjoy, C&C welcomed
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    Overall I think it's a pretty darn nice job.

    The basic grass color is a little neon-y for my tastes but that's a minor thing.
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    You've got a really good start on this. The greens are a little intense, but the longer I look at it, the more they grow on me. I really like the shape you've given the terrain/coasts, but I think the mountains could use some work. They look to me like rock walls. And is it my allergies, or is the full-size map looking a little blurry?
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    It's not your allergies. The text is really crisp, but some of the terrain is overly blurry.

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    Pretty much agree with what's been said but regarding the forests (which is really what you seemed to be looking for) it seems a bit flat. You might want to generate some cloud noise beneath the forested areas to give them some depth so it's not quite so one-colored. Might want to hit it with some burn/dodge as well. Noise can also create little flecks that can look a bit like leaves if you tint them correctly.

    I like they layout you have going with the land and so on, keep up the good work.
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