The goal of this thread, will to make a series of 24 x 30 square encounter maps, to be used as reference by the DM. I want to keep consistency between sessions that will be weeks apart. The size is set to match the dimensions of the Paizo flip-mat

The temple of Guinness is a three tiered, aztec-pyramid style dungeon. Its purpose is to hold the demi-god Guinness in a point of stasis, until the appointed time, where the adventurers destined to do so, discover it, and free him. There is only one door in and out, and thats on the first level. There are no windows or hatches. It has however been established that it could be possible (while very difficult) to blow a hole in an outside wall, making your own entrance and exit.

The first level was originally built to house the order of dwarves who finished the temple. Later generations served as protectors until they were wiped out by a group of demons, who were then eliminated by a group of devils, who were driven out by 2nd group of devils who left on their own. Used by local beasts and semi intelligent creatures, then finally settled by a tribe of Yuan-ti. This layer should be the largest, will need three battlemaps and at least 4 rooms. Ideas for features include rubble, desecrated statues, and pools of poison. Theres 40 ft between the floor of level 1 and level 2.

Connected by spiral staircase is the second layer. This layer is a crypt, specifically designed as an obstacle to the top layer. The first area houses an undead beholder and possibly some wraiths. I think it will have high ceiling and alcoves to block LoS. The second layers is all about a trap. Either a full solo trap or a trap with minions. Not finished yet. The third area is filled with intelligent undead dwarf guardians. Soldiers and artillery, with terrain in their favor. This room will have circles of power. Stairs at the end go up. Theres 30 ft between the floor of level 2 and level 3.

Level 3 is mostly the final room. The entire floor is something like 20 x 20 squares.

Based on the dimensions of the 3rd floor, I'm planning the 2nd floor for around 26 x 26 squares. The 1st floor will be between 32 x 32 and 40 x 40. Im thinking 34 x 34.