Debated if I wanted to post this to the world or not, but I do what it to be the best it can, so feedback is welcomed. This is the map to a fantasy world I'm building in order to write a novel about and possible screenplays/games later down the road. The map in its current form was created using Fractal Mapper. I really like the random look of the land mass, yet can stand the fill graphics. Also, I've had a hard time with making the land cover, mountains, forest, etc look anywhere close to how I envision it. After I found this place earlier this week and that goldmine of a Corel Photo-Paint tutorial in the Tutorials section, I think I've found the method I will be using to get the look I've been wanting for over a year now. Crazy what a good tutorial and having the right software can do for you in the matter of a night.

World of Agrobathe
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The software used so far has just been Fractal Mapper 8. I now plan to re-export this as a mask map (black/white) and use the same technique that I used for my Heartland map.
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After creating the fills for oceans, mountains, land and forest, I plan to import this as an image into CC3 for doing the towns and additional artwork. Of course this is just the broad overmap of my world.
A few starter questions for everyone. Should I do what I normally see done here and place every ruin, village, city, special interest location on this one map and just scale it up really big or should I just keep it to national boundries, major cities, and major locations. Later to go back and create larger area maps for each of the nations and locations?