Hi everyone!
Before starting, I keen to precise that I'm French. I apologize in advance for my eventual language mistakes.

My principal interests are drawing, cinema, videogames and role play.

I'm 22 years old, and I've made maps since I can hold a pen. My first influences came from XIXth century earth globes (I've always dreamed to get an authentic one^^) and Tolkien's maps for the Middle Earth. I especially was fascinated by the map of "The Hobbit", because I found large parts of mystery, due to the angerthas inscriptions and the lack of geographical clues to situate the Shire. So, before I invented stories or imaginated characters, I created maps of fantasy worlds, with many details, but in total improvisation. I was about 9.

Now, I'm (or I was, quite recently) a fine arts student. Maps are not my predilection subject anymore, but I keep drawing some, especially for Role playing games.
I discovered C'sG on RPTools and it gave me a new motivation to work on maps. It's the first time I can meet a community to share this passion, and I hope you'll like my creations.