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Thread: City Madness

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    Default City Madness

    This is a wireframe of a bit of a city I'm mapping for a commission.

    I've got to the stage of multiple crashes, redraws that can take up to half an hour....

    The joys of vector.
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    Holy Carp!!!
    And here I thought mine was annoying

    That's gonna be bloody amazing when it's done! Assuming you don't kill yourself headbutting your desk in frustration first...

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    Wow. That's nuts. :0

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    yeah, that's crazy, what vector program are you using?

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    Real madness! And it looks like it is just a quarter of it. I hope you can get it finished without any bad crashes.

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    wow.. big town... and I thought I had my work cut out for me with Breakwater ... looking forward to seing more
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    Fortunately the rest of the city is not so dense! I'll ask the guy I'm doing it for whether he minds me posting WIPs here.

    @ Devin: I'm using Serif Drawplus X4. Unfortunately parts of it still haven't been recoded to take advantage of quad core processing, so that's what tends to take the longest time. Even loading the thing takes about 2 minutes now (sigh).

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    Ravs - what you need is a pillow for your forehead - just in case.
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    The nice author who has commissioned the work has given me permission to post it here. Here it is so far. Needs a lot of tidying up and I still have a fair bit to go on the southern part, which are fields and gardens but the technique I'm trying keeps crashing my computer. Also need to do the addition of individual buildings of note (the black ones), decide what to do with the city wall and a few other things.

    We're trying to give each neighbourhood a distintictive look. C&Cs welcomed!

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