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    I want to make a map in the style of the third tutorial on the list in this link
    Its the one called "Aged, Parchment with a creation method for mountain ranges, trees and trails"
    But i find i very hard to follow the steps in the tutorial especially step 1.2 with the "selection set" i didn't create a map using the privious tutorial as the tutorial suggest as i find their are way easier ways to create the basic of the map instead of coping and pasting. Could that be the problem i have with the "selection set" step, as is states that no pixels is selected. I really want the get that old/brownish effect on my map and i even searched google for tutorials on doing that but couldn't find any that fitted the style similar to the tutorial linked to above. Hope anyone could help with a easier or diffrent tutorial or another way of aquirring that look.

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    I don't know about Photo Shop, but it sounds to me like you need to have something selected. Generally this would be the land or sea shape (one is the inverse of the other). So it sounds like you just haven't selected anything or saved it to a new alpha channel. You don't have to follow his steps for creating the land mass, but you need to have that black and white image and follow the other steps.

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