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Thread: A Steam Punk Teutonic Dwarf City

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    Default A Steam Punk Teutonic Dwarf City

    I thought up this city on the fly, last week and my players are absolutely fascinated by it. So I want to map it. I am going to force the action away from the city for a while to give myself a chance to better flesh it out.

    It is a big, noisy, clanging, city spanning a canyon. 9 heavy duty bridges connect the two sides. There are loads of steam punk elements including a steam rail system. Steam powered elevators and travellators. Unreliable ornithopters hopping from roof to roof. Vacuum powered message tubes. Dwarves and Gnomes getting about in tailored waistcoats, top hats, brass rimmed goggles and fob watches. Sweaty, dirty teams of Dwarves pulling ropes and turning wheels.

    This city will be set out in a very strict grid 9 x 9 major thoroughfares plus interconnecting alleys and streets.

    I don't want to go the individual building path. Way too time intensive and my computer will just crash any way. I am going to avoid textures and photo realism. So I thought, in PS I would just represent the city blocks on a colour layer with a slight bevel and draw the streets on another layer etc. And the just put loads of labels to denote points of interest. But then I thought maybe PS is not the right tool for the job.

    If anyone thinks that they know of a program or technique that would work let me know. Otherwise I will make a start in photoshop in the next few days.
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