Hey, im looking for 1 or more people to please help me build an online interactive game for users to play.

Heres my story:

I created an online game 3 years ago which failed.... but there was one great feature i made that put the game uniquely above the rest. It was an interactive map. So i thought - ok i failed that game so time to try again and not make the same mistakes. So i have started again and now have 300 active daily users (and i opened less than 2 months ago) this is steadily increasing. Eventually based on competitors and as long as the features are good i could be getting 500,000 + daily users which is very exciting. Now the game is in an "Egyptian" setting (Ancient egypt). And users train their character and battle other players online. Currently its all text based leaving it to the imagination at most. But i kept the original script for allowing users to interact with a map image.

My game is not for profit - it is free to play and your welcome to play it any time! To avoid my gaming users finding this out i will not post the link to my site directly i don't want to ruin the surprise. But i can tell you in private if you are involved in the project what the site is so you can understand how exciting the potential it can achieve.

Before i start talking about the project:
A little bit about this can work, firstly communication is going to be important to make sure everything works with my coding + the images which is the harder part. I have MSN/Email & Skype all available to communicate via to get this project organised.

If interested:
If you are interested please ether reply here or PM me to exchange email or something so we can discuss as i do not wish to post my email directly in here due to possible spam attacks. Thanks

Now on to what the project is about:

I'm looking for a birds eye view of Egypt with nice realistic desert textures - the river nile + the green vegetation surrounding it also and some of the ocean where the river mouth is.

Quality & Size
The whole of egypt will be split up in to sections so each area of Egypt (lets call them regions) can be worked on one at a time. Its a little complex but theres different zooms.
I can show you photoshop designs of the regions over the map as it forms using simple lines - as that is the most i can do when it comes to images lol!

Time Constraints
I have no time constraints.... the players can wait for the feature and get all excited I don't want rush an artist as you all have other things to do in life aswell etc.

Description of Map
Firstly its desert based as you can guess because its Ancient Egypt. The main important features are the monuments when in a region zoom and city zoom and the river nile with the green vegetation around it eventually leading to the sea. Do not worry about applying villages/towns/cities as currently that is just an after thought - need to get the map done before i lay anything on top.

Reference for geography for egypt : http://www.nil-egypte.net/egypt/map-egypt-touristic.jpg - this is not how the zoom of the map would appear this is just so you know the river and where mountains are.

Quality & Size
Well size wise i will set a specific size when we have formed discussions on where we start, and all agree on which is best to work with - obviously it needs to be of a size that will match my site layout + user friendlyness + keeping it as easy to make as possible for you the artists. For quality - well im not fussy on quality although i will imagine users are - so quality would be discussed during project briefing prior to starting.

Well i don't like to ask for copyright of some one elses work but at the same time it could damage my site if another site gets hold of the project to use for their game. So i just urge with a strong PLEASE do not share the image/project for others to use - if you want to show it as a reference to your work please watermark clearly, that will protect both of us, so no one can use it for their own. Thanks.