First hi to everyone I'm new on this site, I have been playing rpg games for many years and actually never used maps, just some quick drawings, but currently I'm playing a campaign of Red Hand of Doom (D&D 3.5) and I'm playing the bad guy, the party is about to discover that I'm the bad guy and they will come looking for me at my house. My character is a noble guy from Brindol and owns one of the biggest houses there, and the master asked me to design it.

I have been trying for some time now, but I completely and entirely suck.

So if someone can help thanks.

The only idea is that it is a big three floors noble house with a few secret corridors, underground facilities with a great demonic altar, and if you don't know how to move around is almost a dungeon. I want to make them pay hard for every inch they come into my house, "Home Alone" style