I am looking for someone to either design or assist me in designing an online game world using photoshop.

This world will be a virtual representation of the world in which a group of medieval recreationists play in real life (think larpers with steel weapons instead of padded ones).

The world is spread out over 5 maps of various sizes and a custom color pallet is required within Photoshop. Each color in the pallet denotes a terrain type and altitude on the map. There are some simple limitations on drawing the map within Photoshop which can be explained and I can put you in touch with others who know how to do things but simply who do not have time to take on this project.

The interesting thing here is that once the world maps are complete, they will be run though a seperate program (that I have) which will read the Photoshop files and process them into actual game maps adding in some terrain elements (trees rocks roads etc) based on the colors selected from the pallet. At that point, I can upload the files to my server and you will actually be able to walk around and see the world.

Now here comes the challenging part...

As mentioned there are 5 total maps, each is a different size and my idea is to use them to represent different areas of a larger world (kinda puzzel pieced together). With this in mind, the maps will each need to be totally surrounded by impassable mountains allowing only for a few openings (ocean passages) that will use hidden teleporters to move your ship to the next map (there is no magic in this world so we will hide them to keep things looking right).

Additionally, as mentioned before, this world represents a virtural equivilent to a real world game played by members of a recreationist society. As such there are real world elements which need to be accounted for, mainly the placement of towns. Each town represent a real world chapter of the organization. Keeping the real world relationships between these chapters is therefore important. Hence if chapter a is north of chapter y and west of chapter x, then the virtural town representing chpater a will also need to be north of y and west of x. All towns MUST have water access to the oceans (can be via a navigatable river flowing into it however). The members of some chapters have also requested certain terrain for there location in the online game.

One of the five maps is to be devoted to a large island where the Imperail City is to be located (this is the only neutral area of the game and is to be a GRAND city). This map also has the only "Underground city" accessable by only caves with water entrances (ships) and a few secret passages from above (hidden throughout the Imperial city).

If you are interested in this project, please let me know. I can be reached via this site but prefer email to theimperiallands@gmail.com