Like many of you, I have spent my share of hours slaying orcs and calculating the proper blast radius of a fireball. We've murdered countless monsters and stolen all of their tangible assets in pursuit of glory and experience points. But frankly, one sliced and diced dragon looks pretty much like another. The thrill is there... oh yes... but it is fleeting.

But there is one place: a fascinating and memorable locale of various description that lingers long after the smell of burning flesh and coppery blood fades. It is that place where the real magic happens. In this place, a collection of stats and back stories coalesce into something more; something tangible and worthwhile. They become a team.

This place might be a tavern or an inn. Okay, more often than not, it is a tavern or an inn. It might be a peaceful village; a humble place for humble beginnings or a lively town perched on the edge of a world decending into chaos. It could be a remote monastery or a rugged keep on the edge of civilization.

The nature of the campaign jump-off point is as varied as the game masters who imagine them into existence. Still, they are a gathering place where diverse characters meet each other for the first time or old friends gather to venture out into the bigger world.

Create a map of a place specially designed as a starting place for a campaign group in an RPG. Your starter doesn't have to be for a fantasy game. Science fiction, horror, any genre is acceptable. Use your imagination. The tavern has been done many, many times. Still, that doesn't mean you can't do it again and make it memorable!

You are encouraged to add text to your creation to guide those who might wish to use it. You can create a legend for the various parts of your map, or an encounter guide, or even a back story to make it reach out and grab us! Some people will judge your creation on whatever the thumbnail scraper picks up, but you can add more material as appropriate and at least some will reward you for it with a vote, if it is worthy.

Any member of the Cartographer's Guild is eligible to enter the monthly challenge.
No update to an entry will be permitted once the threads are locked for voting. Moderators will inform members of the impending lock down whenever someone remembers, which is somewhat iffy.
Challenge will usually be locked down about five days prior to the end of the month, with a new challenge being posted sometime between then and the beginning of the next month.
All are encouraged to enter the monthly challenge. Only one (or maybe two) win the challenge each time, but everyone who enters learns something about their craft and makes the event more fun for all involved.
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