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Thread: How to create shaded relief maps in Photoshop

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    Tutorial How to create shaded relief maps in Photoshop


    And this taken from a thread in the Carto talk forum:

    Wow, Lui! Those are amazing, and about exactly what I am trying to create for my area. Unfortunately, I don't have VNS, which looks like a great program, and would have many applications for Forestry. Just so expensive!
    Well there are another ways to achive that kind of natural looking maps. One is instancing of trees by quasi-random noise creation in ArcGIS. Jeffery S. Nighbert way. The other way could be tree instancing by Image hoze tool in Corel Painter. This is more artistic way. The third and last way to my knowledge is using Photoshop (probably it is not the most optimized way):
    You should have a landcover image of forests in solid black color. Convert image to grayscale.
    Create duplicate layer. Select nonforest areas (white) in duplicate layer (Select -> Color range: tolerance 0) and delete them.
    Use Filter->Texture->Grain: Grain type: soft, Intensity 100%, Contrast 50-75%
    Again select remaining black areas with Color range and small tolerance
    Invert select and delete
    Change image colorspace to CMYK or RGB
    Create new Solid Color layer with desired green
    Copy/Paste forest texture layer to the Solid Color layer
    Add Layer Style to that layer: Bevel&Emboss-> Style:Inner Bevel, Technique: Chisel soft, Depth: as you wish, Size 1-2px
    The image is usually to sharp so apply small amount of Gaussian blur to layer (0.5 - 1)
    And that it!
    My result of this process is shown in attachment. This can be usefull for maps in smaller scales (from 1:10000 downward)
    What steps do you take to classify in Photoshop? Do you slice out polygon regions piece by piece, or do you use the magic wand tool? Once they are selected, how do you fill them? I've been using the texturizer, with mixed results so far.
    Piece by piece approach. Bottom layer was grayscale orthophoto, upper layer a classification result layer. First I contour polygon of same class with Pencil tool in color of the class then I filled it with Paint bucket tool. Tablet suggested!
    Again, very nice land cover. Are the lighter parcels farmed plots?
    Thank you! Yes they are. The most demanding landcover type in natural looking mapping is vineyard. But it can be done with some GIS tools.
    The result looks like this:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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