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    My old logitech common or garden mouse was dying (I'll miss her, I had her for years) so I splashed out and bought a new one, the Logitech Performance MX . I don't usually own to wireless mice (it's a pain when you have to recharge etc) but mine arrived today and it is a beauty. You can 'wire' it to recharge (so still able to use the mouse), long battery life. It uses (I believe) a standard rechargeable battery (but it's not a AA or AAA its one of those short fat jobs) which means that if you use rechargeable batteries and have a recharger you can sub the charged battery. It will also charge off the USB port with a lead.

    Functionally it has forward and back buttons for browsing and an equivalent to 'alt tab' , a scroll wheel that goes up and down and left and right, so you can pan both ways when drawing (FAB!). A thumb enabled zoom button and you can 'freewheel' the ratchet of the mouse wheel to scroll down or up superfast.

    The link from the wireless mouse to the puter is a tiny transmitter that plugs into a USB port (which means that if you have a laptop, like I do, you can just pop the transmitter in there if you're travelling)

    I love it!!!

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    Have to keep that one in mind, I'm in need of one for my PC at home.
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