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    OK, nothing fancy or particularly artistic, this is more a practical map for a game than a pretty one for publication. My gaming group are an evil party currently of four adventurers at 11th in a corrupt city called the Free City of Zentiir. Through their adventures so far, they defeated a trio of Rakshasa brothers who had been hiding out in the city operating spice merchant house, and narcotics smuggling operation. The PCs have taken over their merchant house and continue to operate it, which has been paying quite well, while they've adventured elsewhere in the city. It turns out their merchant house sits on top of one of several dungeon complexes beneath the city, and one of the access tunnels to the surface is in the cellar of their merchant house, though they don't know it yet.

    For some exploring and a couple light 'wandering monster' encounters, they will enter a large room (in two maps below) measuring 50' x 100' with 20' high ceilings and spaced 20' feet apart, 2' x 2' square support pillars. Appearances are fooling them however. This is an unusual minotaurs' maze.

    Since the party consists of 11th level players. The four minotaurs here have to be pumped up some. In Pathfinder, minotaurs are CR4 monsters, weak against an 11th level party. So to beef them up, you add class levels. The senior minotaur here and mother of the other three is an Oracle (new kind of cleric type from the upcoming Advanced Players Guide) who is 12th level (CR14). Her eldest son is a Barbarian 11th, while the other two are 7th level barbarians. So this party of minotaurs are actually just a bit tougher than the PC party.

    The first map below is the chamber as it appears to the PC party. The second map is the true layout of the map. You'll notice three different colored walls in the map. Though the legend at the bottom describes the situation, I'll explain.

    The pinkish colored walls are actually illusions of walls, and can be crossed by anyone walking through unhindered. Along the outer edge of the chamber are four alcoves that hold each a minotaur, as personal stables for each, these walls hide their location. The other pinkish walls away from the main walls surrounding, hide pit traps, or in some case seem like walls of force at touch, but can be passed through as any illusion wall if known or properly 'disbelieved'.

    On the far side of the chamber from the main entrance is the illusion of a passage beyond, this too is a trap. Hiding behind the illusion wall is a 'rune' trapped gelatinous cube - it can't get out of its alcove. Anyone walking through the illusion wall is stepping right into the gelatinous cube... The other trap at the center hidden by its illusion wall hides a pit full of green slime.

    The blue colored walls are transparent walls of force, that help make the maze.

    The solid looking walls with the blue glow are actual walls, with illusions of being transparent walls of force, but can actually hide something behind it, as the view through to nothing is just an illusion.

    More of a mind game type of maze to make things more difficult in fighting the minotaurs and eventually finding the chamber's treasure in the mother minotaur's chamber (note the gold coins depicting this, in the top right side illusion blocked alcove.

    To make this minotaur encounter more interesting, one of the evil PCs (the most evil really) is a necromancer priest, who four levels ago, slew bounty hunter and his henchman, a minotaur. The necromancer PC animated dead the minotaur, and have extensively abused him as trap fodder, cannon fodder, a perfect little slave. However this chamber contains an extra, but empty stable in the far lower right alcove. The undead animated minotaur is the family's missing son. So these minotaur have a score to settle, especially since their dead brother/son is currently with the party and will enter the chamber with them...


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