Peace & Blessings Upon You All,

As you can tell by the column to the left that I am Black Barook. I'm one and twenty years of age and I hail from the nation-state of Kuwait. My interest in mapping was peaked with my introduction to games such as Age Of Empires, Total War, The Sims/Simcity. From what I've seen of this place (Which might not be all that much) there is a lot of focus on heavy fantasy cartography and I have to disappoint and say that the only fantasy game that I've played is WoW...and Age of Mythology...and Rise of Legends...and Black & White (2)

Okay I forgot where I was going with this...oh yes. Hello!

Also to shoehorn this in, does anyone know where I can get help with real world maps? I'm working on one of Spain for a Moorish Total War story.

Please and Thank You!