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Thread: Dracnos - My 1st Map

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    Default Dracnos - My 1st Map

    This is my map so far - there's still some work to be done, specifically along the rivers and coastlines (it will probably remain unlabeled for some time), but I figured it was about time to ask for some feedback. Right now I'm just using the generic mountain and hill brushes from Gidde's hand drawn mapping tutorial (and much thanks goes to him that this map even exists), but I will hopefully be able to sit down and sketch out some decent looking terrain at a later date. I should also thank RobA and ironmetal250 for their handy tutorials.

    Without further ado,


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lands of the Dragon_1stWIP.png 
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    Very good for your first map. My first map was wretched. Just keep going at it and soon you'll be making wicked awesome maps.

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    It looks like you did not use the "Ink" tool, but rather "Brush" or "Pencil" to do your coastlines and rivers. They look very pixellated/ jaggy. Otherwise it looks good.

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