Hi all,

I just stumbled across this forum the other day whilst looking for mapping resources. Glad to be here!

Like I suppose most are here, I'm a long-time amateur map-maker and general fan of cartography. I've had an evolving world-building project that's fed RPGs and fiction-writing ever since I was a kid. From the beginning until relatively recently I drew and redrew my maps by hand. A few years back, I had a go at doing maps in Photoshop, but never really got on with it, fnding myself spending too much time with too little result.

But I really want to get my mapping into the digital realm, so I recently decided to see what I could find. (This forum, for instance! ) I'm an OS X user, so no CC3 and suchlike for me .... But I think vector-mapping is the route I want to go; I've not got a lot of experience drawing with vector tools, but used to do some amateur Postscript font creation in Fontographer, so the concepts aren't wholly alien. I've downloaded a copy of Inkscape to see how I get on with it, but haven't really tried anything serious ... yet!

Anyway, nice to meet you all!