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    Wip The Shadowed Valley

    I've started work on an actual map, as opposed to simply noodling around...and much to my surprise, I kinda like the results. It's based on a very simple map/sketch from Ron Edward's Sorcery and Sword, for a fairy tale based setting. No names yet; I want to take my time on that.

    Here's the map in wide screen.:

    ...and here's the bit that's detailed thus far:

    Do me a favor: Criticize away. Feel free to point out things that any idiot would know about maps in general and CC3 in specific, as you can safely assume that I'm not just ANY idiot.

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    Very nice start! My only crit is that it is quite 'CC3 standard' and so it's not very individual. I used to use CC2 but not CC3, but I understand that CC3 is much more powerful and lets you create your own PNGs to use as symbols etc. Maybe you should make a few of your own symbols to give it a more individual look? Great start though!

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    Baby steps, baby steps! I've had it less than a week after all...but that is the sort of thing that I'm hoping to do, ultimately. Want to try and get the basic down first.

    Right now, for example? I've spent the past half-hour trying to figure out how to change the text color in the scale bar, and failing repeatedly. But I shall win out! One way or the other....

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    Oh god, I know just how you feel. I spend at least 80% of my time working out how stuff works and if I'm lucky, the other 20% drawing.

    If you're taping down the software, then it is an excellent start. Somewhere through there, you have to make the design elements work (colour, tone, font selection etc) - which they do. So you definitely have climbed a few mountains.

    Well done! But use the talent here, rather than struggling with problems, just ask. There are some CC3 savants here who will save you a lot of time. That's what we're all here for.


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    Coming along, Rolzup. I can't say anything about CC, but if there is a way in that program I'd say cut down on the pattern repetition in your grasses., etc.--right now the tiles show through and detract from the rest of your work.

    Keep it going, you have a great start!
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