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Thread: Renaissance city map please (City name: Itis)

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    Default Renaissance city map please (City name: Itis)

    Hi guys, I'd like to ask you a big favor. I need to use a city map for a series of short stories I'm going to write (and mabye i will use the same map also for a personal mod of a Dragon Age: Origins).
    I tried to make it by myself, but I can't find enough time to learn to create a map of good quality. So I'm here to ask your help.

    Time Constraints:
    Possibly within the end of the year.

    This is my favourite style, and I'd like to choose it:

    I know that I'm asking you a favor, so if anyone is so kind to help me and prefer other styles I'll be delighted to accept.
    I add some other very good styles that I like:

    And I'll listen to every suggestion you had about styles.

    Description of Map:
    City name: Itis.
    Itis is similar to moskow (1965 AD)
    Two river that connect and an artificial channel that create an island in the middle (the rich quarter).
    On the left (west) out of the city walls it has a big depression (hole created by a meteor) that is surrounded by an outer layer of walls.
    I plan to create different districts and some wonders but I think they're not difficult to insert in the map, like a internal mausoleum (that could be easily a simple square in the map, I leave to anyone who would accept) or an external
    cemetery (pretty easy I hope).
    If you're interested I had a simple google doc, where I explain what are these buildings and where to put them, but none of them needs a complex shape to design.
    (I can give you access to the googledoc if you ask, or send you a copy of the file. I know that maybe you're not sure to accept before seeing it.)
    The only thing it could be difficult (I think) is the external meteor hole.
    If you have question about this I'll be glad to answer.

    Scale & Size of the image:
    1 inch : miles 0.35 miles circa is good, but as I said before, we can change it, and I am not sure.
    The city should be big as the moskow in the map and the map-image 8.3x12.00 inch (A4)

    Semi professional
    Required for web

    I need only the permission to use the image for personal-noncommercial projects. (I'd like to use it on my site on free e-books, and maybe for mods).
    For my works I usually adopt CC License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.
    If you like the CC license I can accept every kind of CC license, or, as I said, I can accept any other kind that grants me the use the image for noncommercial projects (example: site, ebook, mods).

    What can I offer?
    I'll set a link of your choice everywhere I use the map and in the "credits" of my works where I use it, somehting like this:
    In the last lines you can see the credits and links.
    I know that I set the work as unpaid, but I can offer you fifty bucks ($ 50) via paypal when the work will be finished.
    It is a really low sum (as I said I set unpaid), it is only to show my commitment.

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    Many maps here are CC licensed. If that is a license and usage you can use then can you find someones map in the finished section that is a CC city map suitable in layout and style and then the problem would only be to add the meteor strike to it. I assume that nobody has built a house in the strike zone. So you can just put some scorched earth into that and add the walls. If the meteor struck after the city was made then the layout around the strike zone would not have changed even if its not sensible to a city any more. Adding a meteor crater to a city map is probably a lot easier than starting one from scratch - cities being such a lot of work to do 'n all.

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