Time Constraints:

I'm am in no real rush, this is a large project I would think.
I don't have much money to pay for this. I figure around $25 through paypal. I'm only 18 and can only work 1-2 days a week, I really don't have much to be spending on this. But if you do good work, I'm sure I can scrape together a few more dollars if you require, but please don't expect too much more.


I am looking for a map in the following style: http://www.cartographersguild.com/album.php?albumid=296

Description of Map/Size/Quality

* I attached a rough draft of the map. But don't feel a need to follow it at all. I just wanted to give a general idea of the size I wanted. Your the map maker, you know what looks good.
* The main thing I need is at least four different continents and to have about the same amount of land as the rough draft, if not more.
* I attached the earth below the rough draft so you could get an idea the size of the world.
* I will need natural features added in such as mountains, rivers and lakes.
* For a general idea, its a medium fantasy world. Pre-gunpower. Mages, dragons and the like. As well as your typical fantasy creatures. Mainly a mix of medieval and roman cultures.
* It does not need to be an awesome quality, as long as it looks decent I'll be fine. I would just like something to doodle on as I brainstorm and such.
* I am not sure the exact scale I will need. I would like to be able to zoom in clearly to about this level: http://www.cartographersguild.com/al...chmentid=27983
* There is a good chance I'll get it printed so I can work on it. So I think that means 300ppi? Mrow. Just guessing on that number.

Copyright -
* I would like copyright of the map, and the artist is free to use it in their portfolio.
* I am using this map for world building. Its a hobby and I don't expect much to come of it, but just in case I decide to put anything online, I don't want to have to go hunting for copyrights for any of the art and such.

If you don't feel it would be the end of the world to work on this project for me. Please let me know and we'll talk.
If you already have a map similar to this, and would not mind selling me the copyrights. Let me know then as well.
I'm pretty much open to anything right now, as I am just doing this for myself. So if you have any other ideas that you think might work for me, let me know.