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    Here is my last work. It still is in progress, thanx for your comments.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice atlasy feel to it. The only observation I have is that you have 'hard' edged contours for all of the maps except the highest mountains - is there a reason why those are soft edged? Are you doing this in illustrator?

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    Thanks for your comment.

    There is no reason why the highest mountains are soft. I have to fix that.
    I'm trying to add some shades and lightning effects to the different elevation layers but I hadn't find anything nice yet.
    I also have to fix the looking of the railways as their behavior is not the same wether they are long or short. [help for this matter highly appreciated]
    And I'm not satisfied with the sea level curves : they should be smoother.

    I've done the background in PS and all the roads/cities/naming in AI.

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