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Thread: Eastern Anneira (revision)

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    Map Eastern Anneira (revision)

    This is a redesign of a map/world I've posted twice before; each incarnation has grown in detail and scope. I just started writing a 'handbook' for this setting that I may use as a basis for a novel someday. This is only the southeastern portion of a fairly large continent. In addition to this one, there are at least four more continents, which I've only thought about in the sketchiest of detail so far. Anneira itself is a 'classic' (read - medieval European) low-fantasy setting. One exception is the decided paucity of magic-users; two events in the past have led to a world which fears and distrusts magic.

    Thanks and kudos go to Ramah and vhailor27 for the hill brushes (which I used as mountains ). The map was done in photoshop with multiple land and forest layers to get the 'dissolved/blurred' effects on the coastlines and forest edges. Fonts used are Freebooter, Fertigo Pro, and good old Times New Roman. All artwork is from Clipart ETC.

    Hope y'all like it.
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    Nice, I like the colors you used too.
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    Nice work! Goes right into my favs folder.


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    Nice map! The choice of colors is well done and thanks for the link, nice stuff there.

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    A really nice map and the colors are wonderful but I don't know why but the sea seems to me as it is in a higher elevation than the landmasses.

    P.S. Don't take my opinion seriously cause I might be saying what doesn't feel right to me but talentwise I'm dry as a rock.

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