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    Question Hand Drawn Map tips?

    Well after kind of floating around and going farther and farther into the posts and topics that people have brought up over a while, and well hand drawn maps is something most people do or have done, and well to be honest theres still some stuff I am kind of vague on. Here are some things I'd like to know more that I've noticed people commenting on.

    Remember hand drawn
    1. Drawing more "spherical" maps instead of just using the dimensions of the paper
    2. How detailed do some of you go when hand drawing? Just basic continents? Rivers, lakes mountains? I personally just draw continents upload them and then start splashing them with color (related to mountains, lakes deserts, etc.) so I can get an outline of where things can go.
    3. Size of paper, do people usually use an 8x11 or use some larger peices?
    4. How many copies do you make of the map depicting different parts of the world? I've personally have made 4 or 5 copies of the map I posted a little while ago, and each has different purposes like a terrain map, a political map, language map, demographic map etc.
    5. Lastly how the crap do you guys name half of the stuff you make? Map names, City names, lakes, rivers etc.
    6. Any other ideas that come to mind

    A lot of these are things I already kind of know about and have put to my own use, but it would just be nice to know how some of you guys think when started a map (since hand drawning is generally a first step) and possibly help those out who are just floating around with different ideas on creating maps. Instead of decorating them with flashy colors and other techinques I absolutely love but yeah. Thanks in advanced.

    p.s. if this is in the wrong forum, would for one be nice to know and can be moved =D
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