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  • The Blue Fortress - Aelyn

    8 29.63%
  • Cavern Arena - Jaxilon

    8 29.63%
  • Viking Tug-0-War - Juggernaut1981

    0 0%
  • Joust - Map Vandal

    0 0%
  • Battle Room - RecklessEnthusiasm

    11 40.74%
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Thread: *** July/August Voting - Fields of Glory ***

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    Default *** July/August Voting - Fields of Glory ***

    The time has come once again to vote. This month entrants were requested to map a playing area or competition arena.

    Please review the thumbnails here:

    Then cast one vote for the winner of this month's challenge. Please also remember to rep the one you vote for. Good luck to all the entrants!

    The poll will end in 3 days on August the 18th.
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    voted for reckless. would have voted for jax, but the edge of the cavern was too noticably sharp.

    good job all!

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    Great entries again, so thanks for joining! I voted for Aelyn's map, I have a weak spot for the handdrawn look... cheers!
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    I really wanted to do this one for fun but so many other maps going on that I just couldn't. So, dang, these are nice. I wanted to vote for MapVandal for I lost many months of my teen years playing that game. Juggie's was a great idea, hope he finishes it. So I'm torn between three really nice entries - RE, Jax, and Aelyn. So I rolled an old d20 and highest wins...Jax with a 16. And there was much rejoicing, yay. So I repped RE and Aelyn; Jax I owe ya some since I repped ya recently.
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    Weird, it looks like the thumbnail scraper didn't grab the the last version of either mine or Jax's.

    edit: ah, fixed.
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    Ender and Bean have a special place in my heart. how could I not vote for teh battle room?? (besides, it was very nicely done).

    All were good, but when somethng like this hits the forum, i'm sold.

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    Had to vote for RE's battle room. Both Aelyn's Blue Fortress (love the map) and Jaxilon's arena caught my eye but, like CM, I'm nostalgic for Ender's Game. Nice work everyone!

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    I went for Reckless because I think it's the most technically accomplished, even if the subject matter does little for me. Wow, that sounded like a gilded insult but it's not meant to be. :s

    It was a toss up really between this and Jax's for me but a few areas in J's map, namely the places where there's large amounts of blur to join elements, made me lean more towards RE.

    I like Aelyn's map but the composition just seems a little awkward. Three pieces of parchment on the table but with no dynamism.

    I liked Jug's idea but alas, insufficiently complete.

    And although I vaguely remember the game Joust (I think there was an Atari 2600 version although this map would be FAR too detailed to work on it, hehe) , I never played it so lack of nostalgia just kicked you in the nuts I'm afraid, MV.

    Goood luck to all entrants.
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    Going against my own 3D grain I voted for Aelyn because despite my personal methods I do love the hand drawn look. The kind of stuff a scribe of the era would create - and consequently of "handout" quality. It also exhibits what I'd call a sense of "place" in that they're the sort of flyers one might see pinned to a wall at such a venue. I imagine.
    As a 3D guy, I like RE's work, but on the nostalgia front, a) this one must have passed me by somewhere! and b) if I had seen it, I probably wouldn't have bought the game - I'm more of a strategy game player . That said, the modelling and the effects look great - I'd prefer a subject with more details though.
    The lighting and textures in Jax's are very strong and atmospheric, however I find the spiral cone pinnacle thing distubingly unconvincing but I can't put my finger on why especially. It's easier to get these things right using 3D!
    Well done to all though, my weedy rep stick will tap about where it can!
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