Hello Everyone!

After being a casual lurker around these parts for quite a while, I finally decided to give map-making a go as it's something I've always wanted to learn properly.

So thanks for taking the time to take a quick look at my first attempt at a World Map! I decided to make it as it would be seen from a satellite in orbit over the planet, kind of like on Google Earth.

I've made some progress with it and have tried to use ideas of plate tectonics to produce somewhat believable landmasses, however I'm not sure exactly how my various different climates look at present and whether they appear feasible or even realistic. (Note that it is currently winter in the Southern Hemisphere.) I still need to work on the ocean a little too.

I'd love to hear what you think of the work so far and would really appreciate any pointers or constructive criticism that you may have...

Thanks Again

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