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    Originally was thinking about a prison for a starting point but since I already did one underground map for this month's lite challenge I figured it wasn't in me. Inns and Taverns are obvious but most times I just hate doing the obvious. So round and round my mind spun and I wrote up a whole list of things including a Keep, Tower, Mine, Library (almost did that), and so on about 15 or so locations. Couldn't decide if I wanted it to be a one time place they would never return to or an ongoing hang out until...

    It struck me, A YURT! A yurt is a sturdy yet portable structure used by the nomadic peoples of Central Asia and while used as much today it is making a bit of a comeback as a environmentally low impact way to live. The modern day Yurts are built using modern materials and make for some very nice yet affordable living structures. Personally, I have my days where I really wish I did live in one but that's another story. If you are still lost think a cross between a building and a tent.

    Anyway, the Yurt can serve as a headquarters so to speak that with a bit of effort can be moved to a new location. It fits in nicely with almost any setting, mid-evil, arabian, even modern if you change up what it's made of.
    For those of you who may know about Yurts, I'm dropping the right side = women's, left = men's traditional stuff.

    I should have an image up before I go to bed tonight.

    Edit: And here is my sketch, scanned, and then I created the skeleton structure of the Yurt in Gimp.

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