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Thread: Where can I find a Guild Wars Propheses Finished Map?

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    Default Where can I find a Guild Wars Propheses Finished Map?

    I nead a Guild Wars Propheses Map In english.
    It would help alot in finding certian citys.

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    This may be of use to you..

    Tyria (Prophecies and Eye of the North):

    Elona (Nightfall):

    Cantha (Factions):

    (dangit, now i'm getting the itch to play again, i played for 4 years straight, 4 hours per day on average, lol. I stopped because of my back injury, I couldn't stay sitting at the desktop, and the laptop would overheat if I tried to play..))
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    And in case you wanted to know where everything is approximate to eachother,

    Man, every where I look I am reminded that Guild wars 2 is coming out soon(ish)

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    it's subtle advertising. This guy probably works for them j/king
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