These are the addresses we use most. The best starting address is Cecil Solomon's Gamemaster's Apprentice site at:

This is basically the successor to the dead and gmssyndicate sites recommended in earlier postings. The main item is the huge CSUAC collection in separate versions for FM8, Dundjinni and CC3, but after that also look at the site's art packs. Everything is free, but to get to it, you have to register (free) as a user.

Our next stop is Jeff Albert's (screen name Steel Rat) huge RPG Map Share site at:

There you also will find thousands of free symbols (objects) and fills (textures) in the categories fantasy, modern and sci-fi.

From there we go to Greg Taylor's (screen name Greytale) site:

Where you'll find a large collection of free symbols (objects) and fills (textures) made by some of the most accomplished cartographers in the Dundjinni community.

And then there are the Dundjinni user forums at:

Where you also can download a huge number of free symbols and fills in the categories fantasy, modern and sci-fi. Heads up, however! Microsoft's Internet Explore will download these symbols and fills as BMP files, which makes them useless if they have transparent elements. Firefox downloads them correctly.

Our Vintyri website also has several hundred free symbols and fills available in FM8 and Dundjinni resolutions. The address: .


FM8 USERS: The CSUAC and Vintyri symbols and fills all are scaled correctly for FM8. All of the other symbols mentioned above are in standard Dundjinni resolution. In every FM8 non-Vintyri and non-CSUAC folder where you save these symbols, you need to add an XML file to set the correct FM8 resolution. To do that:

1. Open the Windows Notebook (Windows Editor in some non-English language versions.)

2. Write or copy the following code for folders containing non-CSUAC and non-Vintyri symbols:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<pixel size='0.025' unit='Feet'/>

3. After you've copied or typed that in, save the file with the name default.xml.

This step is not necessary with CSUAC or Vintyri symbols if you install them according to instructions. Both then automatically will be unzipped into folders that already contain the correct XML file.

CC3 USERS: If you use CC3, you should use the program's built-in tools to make variants of the non-CSUAC symbols in the proper resolutions. If you want to convert the Vintyri symbols for CC3, you'll get the best results by downloading the Dundjinni versions and converting them. If you search the CC3 mailing list, you should find Ralf Schemmenn's instructions there on how to do that.

If you take symbols from these sites, then make some symbols of your own and post them on these sites. That's what makes the symbol, fill and map sharing system work. If you take without giving, the system eventually will fail.