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Thread: WIP - Battlemaps for Curse of the Emperor's Stone...

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    Wip WIP - Battlemaps for Curse of the Emperor's Stone...

    Hi all,
    I have a couple of older threads going for battlemaps for my adventure Curse of the Emperor's Stone. I'm going to have a total of six "tactical-scale" maps in this adventure so, rather than starting threads for each, I'm going to just start this one and put all of my WIPs here. First, I'll give a run-down on the maps that are on my "budget", in order of their appearance in the adventure:

    1) Intruder Alert/Scalante: A map of the PCs ship, where a sneak has boarded in the middle of the night, possibly resulting in combat.
    2) Enter the Lushou: An alley ambush of the PCs by one of the local crime rings.
    3) Chase: Not sure how this one will map out but I think it's going to be a flowchart-like diagram with map elements. Or something. In any case, the premise is that the aforementioned Lushou crime folks are chasing the PCs through the city...probably on rickshaws.
    4) Ambush: And, yet another ambush by those Lushou jerks as the PCs make their way to the House of the Four Winds. These are just the set-pieces folks, there's other stuff happening!
    5) House of the Four Winds: A glorious three-way battle between the Sifeng (Four Winds) monks, the Lushou, and the Zhaodaozhe (Seekers of the Way)...oh yeah, and the the middle of a growing monsoon.
    6) Temple of Heaven: The PCs undertake their final test in ridding themselves of the Emperor's Stone, with tests of strength, will, and faith in the Temple of Heaven. The ToH is an enigmatic place...larger on the inside than one would expect, and full of surprises.

    I don't suppose *any* of that makes any damn sense without reading the adventure. Even so, hopefully the maps will speak for themselves.
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