If there is one thing that bugs me all the time with our site it is that the icon for new posts is totally bogus. I often get finished reading everything in a post, (ie: the current challenge), only to go back to the forums main page and see the lit icon indicating there are new posts in that thread. I go there and nope, it's all been read. I refresh, I got back to the start and sometimes it updates but plenty of times it does not.

So basically, I'm whining about it in the hopes that we have an answer.

I know you can click on 'new posts' and it sounds like many do exactly that because of this faulty light. That's fine but I'm obviously a visual person so I like that little light.

It's like one of my cars that shows the "Check Engine" light all the time. There is nothing wrong, we've taken it to the Mechanic and unless we just want to pay for a new connector on whatever it is, there is nothing to do. So we live with it, but it still bugs me just a little every time I drive that car.

Maybe it's my browser settings? I'm using Chrome atm but it was doing this with Firefox as well.

If we can't worry about this that's ok, I just need to know.

Thanks for your support, you guys all rock like the Beetles.