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    Default Hi Everyone!

    From lurker to member.... such is the way of things.
    I play rpg's - WFRP, Call, SIFRP and D&D many years ago. Im a GM and have been interested in in cartography since I begang to draw every room of Moria when we started roleplaying some 25 years ago (I drew about 50 rooms each on seperate pieces of paper and numbered them so they could fit). I have drawn a lot more since then - most maps has disappeared though - gone with the wind
    I have created a couple of worlds and mapped them up by hand...until..
    I began using the computer for mappping roughly 10 years ago with AutoREALM. I have since then tried Dundjiini but decided for CC3 a little over a year ago.

    I have seen a lot of nice things on these pages...
    Cartographers I salute you!

    - Bellum

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Any questions on CC3? Post them with CC3 in the Subject Line!
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    Welcome Aboard!
    My Finished Maps | My Challenge Maps | Ghoraja Juun, my largely stagnated campaign setting.

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