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    Does anyone have any news on when the new version of it will be coming out? I read that some people were able to get ti at Gencon, and since I bought Cosmographer earlier this year, I was wondering when it'd be out for the rest of us, and possibly if it'd be a free upgrade for people who've purchased it already.

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    ProFantasy staffer at Origins (late June, 2010) told me they "hoped" to have it out for GenCon,
    though that does not seem to have happened. Was not encouraging about upgrades, but do
    register your version on their website. ProFantasy isn't stupid: they'll tell you when they have
    an upgrade to registered software, based on my experience.

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    Cosmographer 3 is now out if you are still interested:
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    Of course it would be released when i have no money. And will miss my discount. Damnit. lol

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