I have many things left over from the time when my dad played RPGs, including a variety of maps and grids on various scales of paper. What I'm wondering is where I can go to get grid paper of various sizes. I can readily find 1/4" grids at my school bookstore, but this paper comes loose leaf and intended to be placed in a binder, and I can't stand working with the holes for much more than actually graphing things out in maths and science, or for helping to train my handwriting to fix some of my biggest handwriting problems, and I use Game Paper, which has a 1" grid, for tactical mapping on my RPG tabletop (along with planning to use a 128 ppi scale for tactical mapping on my VTT). In fact, I find I do a lot of my best precision mapping when working with a grid, and since nearly everything I do is hand drawn in the initial phase (even when I use a program, I use my tablet to draw what I want), I find that I still go through all of my grid paper fairly quickly when I am in a mood to make maps.

So my question is where are the best places (primarily chain stores in the USA) to get high resolution and good quality grid paper, say in the 1/8" to 1/2" ranges, and what sizes of paper are available? What size would you recommend for my city mapping? Should I be looking at art supplies, drafting supplies, or gaming supplies for various sizes and densities of grid, or is there a good place to order grid paper online at a good price? How much can I probably expect to pay as the base price for a pad or bundle of sheets? I already know where to get a roll of gaming paper if I need more of it for tactical maps, but for anything other than that or notebook sized paper with 1/4" grids, I am at a total loss.