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    Question So I'm looking for a map....

    Hello to everyone. I'm new to the site, but as I've been browsing around, I must say there is some incredible work here. I see maps here that just blow my mind with their quality & creativity, which prompts the title of my post.

    I'm getting to run a D&D-style campaign for my family. I've been looking for a map for my game world. Here's some of the key points I'm looking for:

    - Continent/world sized map
    - as hi-res as possible
    - unlabeled
    - possibly similar in style to the world of Hyboria from Conan

    I've seen a few maps here that come close to what I'm looking for - the main stumbling block is usually the maps are labeled. I don't know if I'd be breaking protocol if I asked for an unlabeled version, or if it's just at the discretion of the artist. I have also seen several members talk about doing commissioned works, but as my financial situation isn't at all secure, I don't think I can afford to go that route. So, any suggestions/advice/offers would be greatly appreciated.

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