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    Default Futuristic coat of arms

    So I'm stumped. I'm trying to get an image in my mind of what the national seal of the Versis Principalities should look like. So I'm asking for your help.

    I have a friend that said he would draw it, but when it came to describing it i drew a total blank. A little bit about the Versis Principalities history and culture may help with your suggestions.

    This is for a multi world state that exists in the Foreven sector of the OTU. The Versis are the descendants of an Terran Confederacy Star-Carrier "Unassailable". The ship miss jumped and ended up in the Versis system 4 years (-220 before the establishment of the Second Empire.

    The Versis have three social casts. The Nobility, the guilds, and everyone else. These lines are not rigid, nor enforced, but rather a person is encouraged to seek the place where they best fit based on your own merits and your alone.

    To join a guild you must demonstrate your basic understanding and ability toward the trade(s) administrated by the guild. At that point you are taught by the guild to hone you skills in that trade.

    The "easiest" path, or better said "most traditional" path to joining the Nobility is to enroll the Imperial Cadets Academy. Each stage of the Prospective Officers education will last 4 years. At the academy they will be educated in all matters expected of an officer. If the person displays all the required moral qualities worthy of the elevation to the nobility they are given their Squire's Honor's at the Graduation Ceremony. All cadets graduating from the academy are enrolled in a Junior Officers Academy where their education becomes more focused toward their future branch of service. If the cadet continues to display the character of a Nobleman (S)He will receive their Knight's Honors at their Graduation Ceremony. Upon Graduation from the Junior Officers Academy the Officer either enters their respective service branch or if they have continued to show growth in the moral character of a Nobleman and earned their Knights honors they may enroll in a Elite Officers Academy.

    The Versis government is a meritocracy of sorts. To vote you must have at least earned your Squire's Honors. To Stand for an elected office you must have Earned you Knight's honors. To Stand of an Executive Office above "District Governor" (the lowest executive office) you must have earned your Paladin's Honors.

    In the Versis culture Personal Merit is of prime importance. The practice of "nepotism" is actually a crime. And is capable of ruining a man. After all, if your unjust in your practice of the matters of family, then your likely to be unjust in all other matters as well.

    well I'll stop there as this will turn into a book if i don't.

    So any suggestion of what should be in the Nation seal.
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    well it seems you have planets, 3 tiers of choice based upon your individual talent and decision. Lack of nepotism says they are interested in fairness. It sounds like there is no class distinctions based upon where you decide to be so you probably want to indicate that.

    Off the top I'm thinking 3 fields, none higher than the others or at least touching one another so as to indicate if you were high in one you might still be higher than a low individual in another. (By that I mean if you were high up in the guilds you would probably rank higher than a low noble, maybe not in name but in societies eyes I think it would be true). So, if you use triangles make sure that the one on the bottom allows it's highest tip to touch the top of the coat (or similar idea). There is also the significance of the individual and that sounds important based on what you said. So, what if you have 3 fields with circles to imply planets but another circle in the center that overlaps the 3 fields and planets indicating it's up to you. Alternatively you could use spheres instead of triangles with the center section representing the person himself.

    The background of a ship named "unassailable" might also play into the coat of arms. After all that is a really strong sounding ship and the people who were on it not only survived by thrived based on what little information you provided. Not sure how you might indicate that, perhaps by color?

    I haven't done much of this before so feel free to disregard anything I say. I'm just rambling in the hope that you will get a great idea from it. I do know how to brainstorm. It's not so much what outlandish idea you kick in, it's about the synergy of the group.

    So, there you have it, a log on the fire, now is someone will just come along with some gas
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